Serbia  (April - May 2017)

Photos from our road trip in Serbia. Not a very popular place for travellers, but this country has amazing natural landscapes and beautiful buildings. It's also fairly cheap in comparison to most European countries. Absolutely worth a visit.

All images are copyrighted. 

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Dvengrad Village
A village built for the "Life is Beautiful" movie.
Tradtional Serbian Rakija
Served at Manufaktura in Belgrade, Serbia
#rakija #nationaldrink
Mokra Gora, Western Serbia__#myserbia #a
Wooden houses in Mokra Gora, Serbia
Beautiful limestone Stopića Cave
Stopica Cave in Serbia
Dandelion perfection
Macro of a Dandelion
Dandelion field in an orchard, Vrdnik, S
Dandelion field in an orchard in Vrdnik, Serbia
Indian musician, Serbia
Indian musician in the square
Subotica, Serbia
Beautiful building in Subotica, Serbia
Beautiful Art Nouveau building
Art Nouveau building in Subotica, Serbia
#architecture #artdeco #artnouveau
Alleyways in Novi Sad, Serbia
Alleyway in Novi Sad, Serbia
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Vagabond Journals Serbia Road Trip

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