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The Cheaper Alternative to a Swiss Ski Holiday

Personally, I never really wanted to do a ski holiday. And I expect it to cost thousands of rands to take your family, or just your partner on this type of holiday, considering the price of the Euro. I suspect many South Africans cannot afford this holiday they want.

But fear not, because I am here to tell you about a European ski holiday, that is much more affordable than the Swiss Alps and just as amazing and beautiful, if not more. If it's only a skiing holiday you're after of course.

I am talking about the mountainous region of Zlatibor, in Western Serbia (don't you just like saying that name? Zlatibor...). I know, you probably never heard of it and have no clue where Serbia is or whether it is safe to go there.

Serbia is in Eastern Europe, bordering 8 countries, including Hungary, Croatia and Romania.

Serbia actually boasts 26 Ski Resorts(!), 3 of which are most popular and frequented by locals and international travellers alike. Tornik Ski Resort in Western Serbia is by far the most popular. And the nearby town of Zlatibor is just perfect for your white winter holiday. The other two resorts, Stara Planina and Kopaonik, are also great for Skiiing.

We intended to stay in Zlatibor for one night only on our way to the South, but we loved it so much, we stayed another night.

Zlatibor has a lot of accommodation options, from hotels to apartments in differing price ranges. If you plan and book in advance, as skiing season is peak season, you can get away with a really cheap skiing holiday.

Driving into town from the main road, there were even people on the side of the road holding up boards and advertising their apartments. Note that we were there in April - Spring, and things are quieter, however, it was Easter Weekend, a holiday and it is busy, but I'd say the town was 60% full.

We didn't book accommodation beforehand, so we called one of the many numbers on the advertising boards (there are literally hundreds of apartments). Apartment 3 Sobe was also available on, and we booked for a second night.

TIP: if you call the owner of the apartment as advertised on the boards directly, you can often negotiate a slightly better rate.

But we use for all our accommodation because they usually give special discounted prices.

Even though we were there in Spring, a mostly rainy