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2018 popular Latin American songs even English speakers will love to party to

The beauty of travelling to other countries is that you realise how limited our knowledge of these countries or even continents as a whole is. For example, besides the popular music that we hear playing on the radio from Latin or South America, they have a whole music industry just like South Africa or America, and probably every other country.

Here in South America they have the popular dance music, they have rock music, the boy bands and the adult contemporary ballad singers, also singer-songwriters and cultural artists.

So we thought we would make a list of the most popular songs at the moment as played on the radio here for the rest of the world to hear. Sure it is mostly in Spanish, which most South Africans and many people around the world don't understand, but if you can listen to Despacito in Spanish, or Pavarotti in Italian or Die Antwoord in Afrikaans (so many international travellers LOVE them), then why not? It opens your mind and heart and maybe opens a whole new music genre for you.

Some great party songs here.

So here goes in no particular order:

1. Robarte un Beso - Carlos Vives & Sebastian Yatra

My favourite song at the moment. It has the typical Latin American dance beat that we all love and it is just such a fun song and easy to love. The cute and fun video explains the song quite well.

Robarte un Beso, or Steal a Kiss from You, is about stealing a kiss from the person you like or love to show them you love them and to make them fall in love with you again.

2. Una Lady Como Tu - Manuel Turizo

This Reggaeton type song starts of quite slow but finds a nice beat from the chorus. It is quite chill, but popular.

He is looking for "a lady like you" that he can treat like a lady like bring her flowers, and write her name in a thousand love songs so she can fall in love with him like he is in love with her.

3. Subeme La Radio - Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno. Zion & Lennox

No list of Latin American songs would be complete without an Enrique song. And quite a few of his songs are playing on the radio at the moment. This is one of his typical songs with a typical latin-american dance beat that you can dance to accompanied by the video that always looks like they are having so much fun. Featuring Descemer Bueno again (from Bailando), a Cuban singer, songwriter and music producer.

Basically the song is about turning up the radio that is playing (his) favourite song and drowning his sorrows with alcohol and partying because he is heartbroken.