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How to apply for a Colombia Visa - the easy way

Apply for a Colombia visa - Vagabond Journals

If you thought applying for a Schengen Visa is a headache, you haven't applied for a Colombian Visa.

South Africans didn't need one until September last year, and we thought it would be a normal visa process.

After a week of sending documents and emails back and forth from Quito in Ecuador, we finally got our visas approved!

When we read about the application process online, it seemed easy enough: you do an online application and it takes 1 - 2 days - nope!

The online application seems easy and straight forward at first, but they do not tell you what supporting documents you need, if you even do need any, besides a passport photo and some photocopies of your passport.

The payment process is also very confusing.

But anyway, we are glad we got ours approved finally, and are excited to go to Colombia. All the travellers we've spoken to said that it was their favourite country - besides Mexico.

So since we went through the hassle and headache, we can now tell you exactly how to do it and then hopefully you can get yours in 1 or 2 days.

The costs

Besides all the paperwork, the cost of a visa can often make you change your mind about visiting a country. Depends on your budget and how badly you want to go.

We didn't know that there were even any costs involved (our Bolivian visas were free). The online application also doesn't say how much it costs however the email you get after submitting your application gives you options to pay. So confusing.

We went to the Consulate in Quito to find out what happens next, because the emails stated that you can go to the your nearest Consulate to pay. After half an hour they found a guy that speaks some English. He said that we have to go to the bank and pay $52 for the visa study, then bring the deposit slip back.

We had to go to a local bank in Quito, Pinchancha, so you will have to find out where to pay if you are in South Africa (usually the Consulate) or a different country. Online payment only works if you have a Colombian bank account.

OK. We did that, took us another 2 hours, and submitted it.

The application showed bank payment was made, but i