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One day in Kas, Turkey

Kas, turkey - Vagabond Journals

Still on a mission to find turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches, we decided to go to a little town in Turkey on the Turquoise Coast.

A short drive by bus from Fetiye, we decided on Kaş along the Mediterranean coast due to a hugely popular beach cove that is recommended by all guide books and blogs. Unfortunately, Kaputaş Beach is still about a 15-minute drive away from the town of Kaş, and without a car, you still need to take another bus back (towards Kalkan) to get to the beach. It is also packed with locals and tourists alike, so we didn’t go.

Nonetheless, we were in Kaş for one day and went to explore this little seaside town. We were pleasantly surprised.

It has the feel of the Greek Islands, with whitewashed buildings, blue painted roofs, small cobble-stoned streets and pink bougainvillea’s everywhere! There are plenty of small little restaurants and coffee shops with blue and white tablecloths serving delicious fish or just about anything you want really - being a touristy spot, expect touristy prices.

Even though Kaş is a seaside town, it doesn’t actually have a sandy beach, but people still swim in the ocean. Many restaurants along the shore have decks with stepladders into the water where you can get in. Alternatively, you can just jump from the nearby rocks or swim to floating decks further out in the ocean.

If you didn’t already know, Turkey is famous for olives and Turkish figs, and in Kaş, olive and fig trees line the streets. In fact, there are so many, that much of it gets wasted – when it gets ripe it just falls off and rots on the ground.

There are some interesting ruins in and around Kaş as well. In town you can visit the ruins of Antiphellos’ amphitheater constructed in the first half of 1 BC. It’s not amazing like others we’ve seen in Turkey, but you get a nice view of the ocean and nearby islands, and is great for enjoying some sundowners (for non-South Africans, that’s alcoholic drinks typically consumed at the end of the day at or around sunset) while watching the sunset. There are also the old town walls near the harbour.

Around the theater you will find many people wild camping, we are not certain if they are travelers from abroad or locals but they seemed pretty comfortable.